Feel good & relax

Wellness refuge "alpenRelax"

Immerse yourself in a world of quiet and relaxation

The tempting scent of limes is in the air. In the quiet you can hear the rhythm of your own heartbeat. The warmth of the steam bath makes your skin prickle and leaves a feeling soft as velvet. Resting afterwards,

feel the lightness and the new energy flowing through your body. The impressive architecture of the new wellness area at Hotel Alpenland conveys an atmosphere of ease and comfort.

Take some time out to get inspired at Hotel Alpenland

The wide range of sauna possibilities gives variety to the wellness in Obergurgl experience. At the "alpenRelax", choose your favorite variety and enjoy the soothing effect on body, mind and soul.


  • The classic finnish sauna at hot temperatures of 90 degrees
  • Gentle sweating at the bio-sauna at pleasant 60 degrees and 40 % humidity
  • A textile bio-sauna for our international guests with different sauna conventions as well as families with children
  • The aroma steam bath at 40-50 degrees and 100 % humidity is an especially relaxing scent experience and pleases the skin and the respiratory tract
  • Refresh yourself after the sauna at our ice grotto with a well of crushed ice and cooling alpine haze or at our KNEIPP hot-and-cold basins. Your feet and calves are alternatingly immersed in warm and cold water. This especially encourages circulation, strengthens the cardiovascular system, and alleviates heavy-leggedness.




Tender loving care for all senses

Entrust yourself to the skilled hands of our masseur. Whether you prefer a sports massage after a day of skiing on the slopes of Obergurgl, or a regenerating wellness massage, where physical and mental burdens are softly kneaded away.

Rest afterwards in one of the two relaxation rooms with wellness loungers, two water beds and two infrared loungers, or get some fresh air at the dedicated fresh-air room.

Your wellness hotel Alpenland at the Ötztal takes you far away from your daily routine!

Immerse yourself in our vitality sauna world



Resting area with wellness loungers and water beds
Finnish Sauna (90°C)
Herbal steam bath
Jacuzzi foot bath
Solarium (for a fee)
Resting area with wellness loungers and water beds
Turksih steam bath
Massage (for a fee)
Resting area with wellness loungers and water beds
Textile sauna (65°C)
Finnish Sauna (90°C)
Bio-Sauna (65°C)
Snail showers
Tea bar and mountain spring water
Infrared loungers


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