Hiking and mountaineering


Hiking and mountaineering


Hiking and mountaineering

Hiking and mountaineering

Obergurgl – Alpine beauty of the Ötztal

Walking, hiking, mountaineering in Obergurgl

Marvelous views of the Ötztal Alps, mountaineering up to 3,000 meters above sea level, the purest mountain air in the midst of the alpine nature. Ötztal in Tyrol, and especially Obergurgl, adds movement and exercise to your summer vacation. Not only experienced mountaineers get their share up here in alpine Obergurgl. Over 1,000 kilometers of perfectly developed and diverse hiking paths make it possible also for less practiced vacationers to experience mountain adventures directly from the doorstep of 4* Hotel Alpenland.

3 seasons – 1 fascination: Hiking and mountaineering in Obergurgl in Tyrol

Fascinating impressions are waiting for active vacationers in Obergurgl. From rugged rock formations to lovely alpine meadows, from rushing waterfalls to challenging mountain ranges for experienced mountaineers. And, just like the landscape, the seasons in Ötztal are multi-faceted and diverse, which allows for hikers to actively experience the mountains. Spring impresses with its colorful resurrection from a winter rich in snow. The air is crystal clear and, with the exception of only a few alpine routes, most of the mountains can be climbed already in spring on one’s own or together with a guide.

The Ramolhaus in the rear Gurgl Valley is definitely an insider’s tip for sure-footed mountaineers free from giddiness. Here, you can hike up to 3,000 m. An unforgettable natural experience in your Ötztal vacation! In summer, the high altitude of Obergurgl guarantees refreshing holidays at 1,900 meters. Reward yourself with a spirited jump into the waters of one of the many crystal clear mountain lakes on the way down from your hike or mountain tour. What a blessing! In fall, the yellow, orange and red shades tempt you to hike from hut to hut. Take a break on a hut where you will be served local delicacies, or sit down in the soft grass with your filled backpack and enjoy the unique light of the sun that makes fall the most beautiful time of the year for hiking and mountaineering.

Ötztal Premium Card: Your ticket to active holidays in Obergurgl

With the Ötztal Premium Card, hikers and mountaineers can enjoy free guided hikes organized by the Ötztal tourism association and Ötztal Nature Park. How to get hold of one of these powerful cards including so many benefits? Very simple. Upon arrival at Hotel Alpenland, we hand it to you for the duration of your stay and you can immediately enter the world of active recreation. Enjoy free mountain ascents, admissions to museums, the Ötzi Village and public pools as well as great discounts at over 270 Ötztal Premium Card partners.


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