Climbing in Obergurgl


Climbing in Obergurgl


Climbing in Obergurgl

Climbing at alpine Obergurgl

Vertically up the walls – Climbing at alpine Obergurgl

Climbing crags, via ferratas, special climbing camps: The Ötztal is Tyrol’s climbing paradise. 750 different routes, 20 climbing crags and 8 via ferratas impress even the most ambitious climbers. Over the last years, climbing has become a true trend sport and fascinates active vacationers of all generations. Even the smallest ones can prove their skills here at the Ötztal. The material will be provided by us, while you bring along the motivation to exercise – and off we go. A vast number of climbing courses is offered for all skill levels. Special family climbing crags, such as Ötz or Oberried, make possible the entrance into the vertical world for the whole family.

Adventure climbing in Ötztal

Our guests at Hotel Alpenland who are enthusiastic about climbing can hardly wait until the snow finally begins to melt and makes way for spring. Finally it’s time to go for the rock again, and to feel every single fiber of one’s body. Focus, good body awareness, passion and being free from giddiness are essential requirements if you wish to experience the Ötztal mountains at close range. The appeal of climbing lies in the possibility to scale sheer unconquerable rocks with the help of your own physical strength, in overcoming your own limits when your fingers are trying to find a steady hold in the wall and your eyes are already locked on the much longed-for goal: The summit.

Especially in summer, a trip up in the vertical direction can be a wonderfully refreshing experience. The exertions are rewarded with a marvelous panoramic view over the Ötztal mountains. An overwhelming feeling of freedom will open up! In fall, as the days become shorter and the magic of this special time casts a spell over all climbing enthusiasts, it is high season for climbing. Right here in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, the two via ferratas Zirbenwald and Schwärzenkamm promise pure adrenaline. The latter definitely requires some via ferrata experience. The ascent takes approx. 2.5 hours. Zirbenwald, however, is perfect for families with kids 10 years and up and can be reached in only 20 minutes’ walk from our Hotel Alpenland.

One admission ticket for an entire valley? The Ötztal Premium Card keeps the promise

Riding with the mountain lifts up into the Ötztal mountains for free? Free admission to public pools? Riding the bus without paying? That and much more is waiting for holders of the Ötztal Premium Card. This card is available for guests of our 4* Hotel Alpenland upon arrival. We – like 270 other businesses – are partners and you benefit from this cooperation from the beginning until the end of your vacation. Guided hikes, offered by the tourism association and Ötztal Nature Park are part of the program just like free bike rentals or discounts on climbing tours. As you see, vacation at the Ötztal lives up to its promises.


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